The #1 Dutch Legionella Control platform coming to the United Kingdom

We keep buildings safe & compliant, with our complete digital logbook & IOT solution.

We are looking for innovative LCA / UKAS members to partner up with, who want to enjoy the benefits of being among the first to use LegionellaDossier in the UK market, before our official launch in the last quarter of 2020.

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Our compelling solution

  • We work exclusively with legionella specialist companies, to provide the best digital solution to duty holders together
  • Over 70% of the dutch certified legionella specialist companies work with the LegionellaDossier Platform
  • Over 4.000 buildings use LegionellaDossier weekly and over 10.000 control measures are performed with our software every day

Legionella dossier

What's in it for your client?

One central place for everything they need

Everything is available in one central overview, all buildings, risk assessments, documents, and controls in one place.

  • L8 en HSG274 compliant
  • All documents, archived beyond even the required 5 years
  • A place to keep in touch with you as an advisor
  • Pricing per building, not per user
  • The possibility to work together with your client

Saving a lot of time with performing control measures

With the help of the intelligent, offline app. People who are responsible only see the control tasks relevant for them.

  • The bluetooth temperature probe helps save up to 75% of the time when performing flushing tasks. The app also calculates when the pipe has fully turned over all water and manages the timer for the user.
  • This combination saves up to 50% of the time when performing temperature checks as it eliminates the need for any paper logbooks
  • And of course everything is scheduled automatically by our platform

Always up to date with digitalized risk assessment

Alongside the digital logbook; LegionellaDossier also offers a digital Risk Assessment solution for our UKAS / LCA partners

  • You can save a lot of time (up to 50 to 70%) when performing risk assessments
  • Make your work more enjoyable with our integrated Bluetooth thermometers
  • Save time implementing a digital logbook, because your risk assessment serves as a blueprint for the digital logbook
Are you interested to become one of the first (reselling) partners in the UK?

Wireless IOT sensors eliminate temperature checks completely

Are you or your client fed up with monthly temperature checks? No problem! With LegionellaDossier you can place temperature sensors in the pipeworks and get rid of the manual temperature checks completely.

  • Battery lifetime of 3 years
  • Calibration is possible when placing the sensors
  • Never worry about (performing) temperature checks again

Never worry about forgetting important activities

Even though it’s important, executing legionella control tasks isn’t always top of mind. That is why LegionellaDossier helps by reminding you if you’re about to miss anything.

  • Emails your client if any work has yet to be completed
  • Automatically sends an email when someone measures a non-compliance
  • It’s customizable per building, you and your client can decide what’s best for each situation
  • Push notification coming soon!
E-mail reminder

One dashboard to oversee all your data

The bigger the client, the more to manage. That is why LegionellaDossier provides dashboards on all different levels. All dashboards are designed to make sure you are in control.

  • Management dashboards to show all buildings combined in 1 overview
  • Analyse non-compliancies, to improve your buildings safety
  • Detailed building views, for insights in a specific building